Applying for Full Faculty using the Online Faculty System

A faculty granted by the consistory court of the diocese is required before any alterations, additions or repairs are carried out to the fabric, fixtures or fittings of a church.   A faculty is also required for the introduction, repair or disposal (including sale) of any plate, pictures, ornaments or other moveable goods of a church.  Any secular use of a church may need to be authorised by faculty.  The faculty jurisdiction also applies to the churchyard so that a faculty is required for putting up a building or other structure on the churchyard, the introduction of a monument, the exhumation of human remains or the reservation of a grave space.  Churchyard trees are also subject to the faculty jurisdiction.

However, certain matters can be undertaken without a faculty if they come within the national "Lists A and B" of works (please note List B matters require the Archdeacon's written permission).  Another exception relates to monuments in churchyards which can be introduced with the permission of the minister provided that the monument complies with the diocesan churchyard regulations.  If you are in any doubt about whether a particular proposal requires a faculty you should seek advice from the diocesan registry.

The Online Faculty System is currently designed to process faculty applications for alterations, additions or repair works that are determined by the diocesan chancellor, as well as applications for List B matters. It can also be used to record List A works.

Please note that, at this time, you cannot use the Online Faculty System to apply for:

  • The exhumation of human remains
  • The reservation of a grave space
  • The introduction of a monument or memorial in the churchyard
  • Private petitions (unless authorised by your DAC)
  • Urgent Repairs (unless authorised by your DAC)