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This page lists all Faculty Applications that have been submitted on the Online System since the 1st April 2020 that sit within the Public Notice period.

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Any application highlighted with a purple background has been deemed to fall under rule 9.9 and these can filtered using the tick box (bottom left-hand side) and pressing refresh. Again these can sorted and filtered using the above guidance. 

The publication of these cases through the Online System is now requisite under part 5.7(2a) and 9.9(2) of the Faculty Jurisdiction (Amendment) Rules 2019

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Fell Cypress obscuring churchyard gate

2021-067511 | Bath & Wells | Kelston: St Nicholas | 13/11/22

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Re-Gilding of the Church Turret Clock

2022-070009 | Bath & Wells | Bleadon: St Peter & St Paul |

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relocation of pew

2022-073654 | Bath & Wells | Congresbury: St Andrew |

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application for a bench in the cemetery

2022-072933 | Bath & Wells | Nettlecombe: The Blessed Virgin Mary | 22/11/22

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Plaque to mark 50th Anniversary of Air Crash in Switzerland

2022-077626 | Bath & Wells | Axbridge: St John the Baptist | 21/12/22

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Sale of Jacobean steeple cup Section C: h)

2021-057890 | Bath & Wells | Odcombe: St Peter & St Paul | 06/01/22

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Phase 2 - A. West entrance doors upgrade, relocation of font, raise floor underfloor heating, lighti...

2021-068161 | Birmingham | Pype Hayes: St Mary the Virgin | 03/08/22

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To install a new gas boiler

2022-078093 | Birmingham | Tyseley: St Edmund | 02/11/22

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Temporary replacement of life expired gas boiler

2022-078559 | Birmingham | Knowle: St John the Baptist & St Laurence & St Anne |

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Installation of access platform to allow architect to safely reach roof of tower

2022-071916 | Birmingham | Edgbaston: St Bartholomew (Old Church ) | 11/10/22

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