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This page lists all Faculty Applications that have been submitted on the Online System since the 1st April 2020 that sit within the Public Notice period.

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The publication of these cases through the Online System is now requisite under part 5.7(2a) and 9.9(2) of the Faculty Jurisdiction (Amendment) Rules 2019

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Accept the gift of a Patchwork & Applique quilted pulpit fall on the occasion of the formation of t...

2021-057813 | Bath & Wells | Bleadon: St Peter & St Paul | 20/04/21

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Fitting Window Guards to 2 West, & 1 East Windows

2020-056990 | Bath & Wells | Clevedon: St Andrew | 22/04/21

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The addition of two bells to complete the peal of 8 bells, on an existing frame. This necessitates ...

2020-052163 | Bath & Wells | Nunney: All Saints | 05/05/21

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Remove lectern from the main church building

2021-058372 | Birmingham | Amington: St Editha | 30/04/21

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Provide Internet connection from St Swithins House to St Swithins Church

2021-058343 | Birmingham | Barston: St Swithin | 17/05/21

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Rehang & Restore the Bell for swing chiming

2020-057365 | Birmingham | Olton: St Margaret | 02/05/21

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Upgrading of sound system and introduction of AV

2020-052574 | Birmingham | Sutton Coldfield: St Chad | 14/03/21

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To remove and relocate nave pews

2020-051265 | Birmingham | Hay Mill: St Cyprian | 18/03/21

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To carry out phase two repairs to tower and spire

2020-052604 | Birmingham | Kings Norton: St Nicolas | 17/09/20

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To repair leaking water supply pipe from mains into church

2020-053443 | Birmingham | Smethwick the Resurrection: Holy Trinity | 27/09/20

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