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On the 1st of July 2022, the Faculty rules that govern how churches manage their buildings, churchyards and contents will change, making it easier for churches to request works that will reduce their carbon emission in line with the Church's aim to become net-zero by 2030

As part of these new rules, several works have been added to List A (where permission is not required) and List B items (where archdeacon consent is required). In some cases, previous List B items have been removed; for others, updated specified conditions may be applied. 

Please be aware that there are now three different processes available for Faculty cases, one for cases submitted under the 2015 rules, one for cases submitted under the 2019 legislation, and a third for cases submitted under the 2022 legislation. Any application made under the 2015 and 2019 Rules will remain under that specified version and will not automatically be moved to the newer legislative version.  

Guidance on these new changes is available in our Help section.

Wells Cathedral Choristers