Welcome to the Church of England Online Faculty System and Church Heritage Record

These systems form part of the Faculty Simplification process.

From the 1st April 2020, the Faculty rules that govern how churches manage their buildings, churchyards and contents will be changing. This new legislation will see a change in how new applications submitted on the Online System from the 1st April onwards will be processed.

As part of these new rules, a number of works have been added to the List A (where permission is not required) and List B items (where archdeacon consent is required). 

Part of the legal changes will see a period of formal consultation prior to the Notification of Advice being given by the Diocesan Advisory Committee, and steps have been added to allow for this.

To enable a more systematic approach to the Faculty process under the new legislation, large changes have also been made to how cases are submitted and processed throughout the life of the application. These changes include each new case being treated as an informal application, and then the slow release of the necessary forms up to the point of a formal application to the Diocesan Registrar. These will allow for those reviewing each application the ability to guide and help each parish and to allow for those statutory bodies to provide their responses in a more informed manner.

Please be aware that this change in process is evident from the start of each new application and the forms that you will be used to filling in will now be made available towards the end of your application, or not at all if they are no relevant to the application. 

Any ongoing faculty application under the 2015 legislation will remain in place, and no changes will be provided to those ongoing cases. 

Guidance on these new changes will be available in our Help section shortly.

Wells Cathedral Choristers