Kelmarsh: St Denys

Kelmarsh: St Denys
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This is a Grade II* Listed Building
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There is no Scheduled Monument within the curtilage or precinct

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The church is not in a National Park

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The church is not in a Conservation Area

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This church is on the Heritage at Risk Register (data verified 02 Dec 2022)
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Exterior Image

Exterior image of 628056 Northampton St Denys
Exterior image of 628056 Northampton St Denys
The south-east façade of St Denys church, Kelmarsh in the Diocese of Peterborough.
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Diocese of Peterborough

Summary Description

The medieval church here was re built in 1874 for Richard Naylor to designs by J.K. Colling which resulted in the most lavish 19th century church interiors in Northamptonshire. The architect deployed pink Aberdeen granite, alabaster, antique marbles said to have come from Rome, Cosmati ceramic floors, ceramic panels and much carving especially of plants resulting in a very rich effect. Also from this period are the altar frontal and rug by Morris and Co, and the stained glass by a variety of makers including Lavers, Barraud & Westlake and W.M. Pepper.Theres is also a later window in the south aisle, 1947 by Hugh Easton. Earlier monuments survive including those to the Hanbury family from the 17th and 19th century. The largest though is to Richard Naylor himself, again in pink granite very noticeable when you walk up to the church porch. Both the Hanburys and the Naylors lived at nearby Kelmarsh Hall

Visiting and Facilities

The church is open for worship.
Church open to visitors. Keys available. Ring one of the following numbers 01604 686676; 07802624883; 01604 186474( Stephen de Crespigny) Car park adjacent but often locked when a service is not taking place.

Church Website

Church Website:
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Interior of 628056 Northampton Kelmarsh: St Denys
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Exterior image of 628056 Northampton St Denys
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