Core Details

Author/originator: Church Buildings Council
Source type: Archive (Unpublished primary physical archive)
Source sub-type: Index (An alphabetically or numerically arranged list of persons, subjects etc. appearing in a work. )
Year/date of creation: 2019
Title: Church Bells
Description: Available are the list of churches that contain bells across each diocese of the Church of England. All churches containing 0 or more bells are included with each subsequent CHR record providing the full list of individual bells per church, as well as their details. This is viewable in the interior tab under Internal Fixtures and Fittings. The data was originally sourced by George Dawson who collected the information from a wide range of sources, and together with each Diocesan Bell advisor, this data has been re-examined and updated. The list will be in incomplete with unknown bells still to add, and corrections will be made to the list as further site visits are performed. We are working to keep this as up-to-date as possible