Ashby Parva: St Peter

Ashby Parva: St Peter
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Ashby Parva

Statutory Designation Information

Listed Building?
This is a Grade II* Listed Building
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Scheduled Monument?
There is no Scheduled Monument within the curtilage or precinct

National Park

The church is not in a National Park

Conservation Area

The church is in the following Conservation Area: Ashby Parva

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This church is not on the Heritage at Risk Register

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Exterior Image

Exterior image of 619259 St Peter, Ashby Parva
Exterior image of 619259 St Peter, Ashby Parva
Photograph of the exterior of St Peter, Ashby Parva
Year / Date:
2013, April 18
Mat Fascione
Mat Fascione

Summary Description

The church is dedicated to St Peter and the Patronage was in the hands of the Order of St John of Jerusalem as early as 1220, and so continued until 1556 when it passed to the Crown. The church possibly originated in the C12 and was rebuilt in the C14. In 1866 it was restored, with the chancel and gabled porch rebuilt by J P St Aubyn. It is constructed of rubble stone with some ashlar, sandstone quoins, weatherings, parapets and opening surrounds to the nave and tower.

Visiting and Facilities

The church is open for worship.
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Church Website

Church Website:

Sources and Further Information

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Exterior image of 619259 St Peter, Ashby Parva
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Ground plan

ICBS File Number - 06537

Coverage - 1866

Created by ST. AUBYN, James Piers: b. 1815 - d. 1895 of London

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