Ansty: St James

Ansty: St James
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This is a Grade II* Listed Building
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There is no Scheduled Monument within the curtilage or precinct

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The church is not in a National Park

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The church is not in a Conservation Area

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This church is not on the Heritage at Risk Register

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Exterior Image

Exterior image of 611062 St James, Ansty
Exterior image of 611062 St James, Ansty
Photograph of the exterior of St James, Ansty
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2014, May 14
Ian Rob
Ian Rob

Summary Description

Evidence of different periods of construction can be seen in the stonework for the chancel is of a reddish sandstone, the nave of a lighter stone, and the tower and spire of regular 19th century masonry. The mediaeval masonry in chancel, nave and north aisle has been much restored in the last century as can be seen from the painting and the re facing of parts of the walls. The windows have also clearly been restored in the 19th century.

Visiting and Facilities

The church is open for worship.
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Church Website

Church Website:
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Sources and Further Information

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Exterior image of 611062 St James, Ansty
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Number of War Graves: 6
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