Arnside: St James

Arnside: St James
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Westmorland & Furness
St. James Arnside

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Though Arnside has a spectacular setting over Milnthorpe Sands, and the church in on a hill within it, it is surrounded by housing and a school so can neither see nor be seen until alongside. The bellcote and lancet windows remain resolutely ‘chapel’ in character, though the size kept increasing to serve a growing permanent and visiting population, having been substantially extended twice in 1905 and 1914. The resulting proliferation of gables (some with awkward junctions) portrays a true parish centre of prolific activity, not insignificantly sited by a Church of England assisted school. The sea of pews flows around the columns separating nave from side aisles, but the outer north has been partitioned off for ancillary uses – proving both the practical benefits and how difficult it is to incorporate this successfully. The clerestory windows and dormers give the nave unexpected height and light, but it is the stained glass, some typical, some memorable, that illuminates the living history of this worshiping community.

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The church is open for worship.
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Sources and Further Information

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Ground plan

ICBS File Number - 06247

Coverage - 1866

Created by THOMPSON, Miles: d. c.1869 of Kendal

Church Buildings Council (2019) Church Bells 1 Bell [Archive/Index]
1 Bell