Thursby: St Andrew

Thursby: St Andrew
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West cumberland

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The present church was erected in 1846 and the interior has strong similarity with other churches in the region, notably St. Michael, Stanwix and St. John the Evangelist, Houghton. The interior has a wide nave without aisles, a sanctuary with gothic style chancel arch. There is a side chapel on the south side of the nave known as the Crofton chapel with the family vault to the Brisco family beneath. There are several commemorative plaques to the walls of the chapel and the nave. The ceilings of the nave and the Crofton chapel are flat, plane plastered and with downstand roof tie beams bracketed down to corbels at half height on the Nave walls. The pews date from 1878. The pulpit was brought from Carlisle Cathedral in 1887. Externally the church is of classic Gothic revival style. The earliest church on the site, AD600, was dedicated to St. Mungo. The second church on the site dated from 1124, in turn demolished in 1836. Marriages and burials are recorded back to 1649.

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Sources and Further Information

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