Kirkandrews-on-Esk: St Andrew

Kirkandrews-on-Esk: St Andrew
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Kirkandrews-on-Esk Saint Andrew

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Listed Building?
This is a Grade II* Listed Building
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Scheduled Monument?
There is no Scheduled Monument within the curtilage or precinct

National Park

The church is not in a National Park

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The church is not in a Conservation Area

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This church is not on the Heritage at Risk Register

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Post Medieval

Exterior Image

Exterior image of 607056 St. Andrew, Kirkandrews-upon-Esk
Exterior image of 607056 St. Andrew, Kirkandrews-upon-Esk
Photograph of the exterior of St. Andrew, Kirkandrews-upon-Esk.
Year / Date:
2013, May 25
James Denham
James Denham

Summary Description

Built in 1776 as part of the designed parkland of Netherby Hall estate, its design reflects the influence and benefaction of the Graham family. It has a classic revival appearance with a gable pediment surmounted by a landmark cupola tower decorated by a sundial added in 1918 as a War Memorial. This assembly sits over a pedimented entrance that is supported by a pair of Tuscan columns. Internally, the church has been radically and sumptuously altered by Temple Moore, the great Gothic Revivalist. Elements survive from the Georgian period, including the wine glass pulpit, the wine glass font with its remarkable cranked lifting arm that appears to owe much to agricultural engineering; the Florentine ceiling, the original pews that now form the wall linings and the inner door and its furniture. A colonnaded first floor gallery at the back of the church accommodates the Graham pews and the Venetian style drapes, possibly designed by G. F. Bodley in 1896, that hang over the balcony are a delightful feature. Temple Moore's changes include the highly decorative and gilded Baroque revival rood screen and a reredos that incorporates a copy of Raphael's last painting, The Transfiguration. The delightfully tinted chequerboard windows have been altered with the insertion of stained glass inserts; a regrettable modification. The church is a replacement and is located close to a defended tower.

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The church is open for worship.
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Church Website:
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Sources and Further Information

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Exterior image of 607056 St. Andrew, Kirkandrews-upon-Esk
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