Dalton: Holy Trinity

Dalton: Holy Trinity
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Closed Church
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Closed or Unattached Church
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Statutory Designation Information

Listed Building?
This is a Grade II Listed Building
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Scheduled Monument?
There is no Scheduled Monument within the curtilage or precinct

National Park

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Heritage At Risk Status

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This church is not on the Heritage at Risk Register

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Summary Description

Holy Trinity is a small and simple Victorian church is set back from the minor road running through this pleasant village. The church was built in 1837 as a chapel-of-ease specifically for the use of the Collingwood family of Dissington Hall. It is a simple building, the architectural tone given by the single pointed lancets with stopped hood-moulds in each bay.

Visiting and Facilities

The church is closed for worship.
Date closed for worship:
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Church Website

Church Website:
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Sources and Further Information

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Ground plan

ICBS File Number - 01943

Coverage - 1837

Created by Benjamin Green