Lakenheath: St Mary

Lakenheath: St Mary
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St.Edmundsbury & Ipswich

Statutory Designation Information

Listed Building?
This is a Grade I Listed Building
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Scheduled Monument?
There is no Scheduled Monument within the curtilage or precinct

National Park

The church is not in a National Park

Conservation Area

The church is in the following Conservation Area: Lakenheath

Heritage At Risk Status

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This church is not on the Heritage at Risk Register

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Exterior View
Exterior View
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Summary Description

Layout of building: the building comprises nave with tower to the west, chancel to the east; north and south aisles; north and south porches. There is a two-storey parvise extension to the tower on the west side. There is a lean-to WC/Boiler house to the north of the tower. There is evidence that there was a chapel or vestry between the chancel and the north aisle at one stage. The oldest part of the fabric appears to be the western part of the chancel and the chancel arch which contain Romanesque work. The tower is of 13th century date and the nave is assumed to be of similar date although incorporating later arcades and windows. The chancel appears to have been extended in the 13th century. The aisles contain 14th and 15th century materials. The parvise chamber is considered to be post Reformation in date, using materials taken from the church of St Peter, Eriswell. There are no records readily available of the 19th century Restoration. Apart from the 1968 font cover and the nave altar/dais there have been little changes since then. The chancel was restored in 1864 and its roof was renewed in 1891. A Tractarian reordering took place in 1905, architect W D Caroe. (1857-1938). Further re-ordering took place in 1926 architect H Munro Cautley

Visiting and Facilities

The church is open for worship.
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Church Website

Church Website:
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Sources and Further Information

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Exterior View
PCC (2017) Interior View [Digital Archive/Graphic material]
Interior View
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Ground plan and Other

ICBS File Number - 10521

Coverage - 1904-1912

Created by CAROE, William Douglas: b. 1857 - d. 1938 of London;CORNISH & GAYMER;HITWORTH, Martin Robert of Bury St. Edmunds;WHITWORTH & HALL;COLLIN (GEORGE) & SON

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6 Bells