Application Ref: 2022-068839 Church: Huish Episcopi: The Blessed Virgin Mary
Diocese: Bath & Wells Archdeaconry: Wells
Status: Public notice Logged By:
Summary: Install projector and screen

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Standard Information
Statement of Significance
Statement of Needs
Notification of Advice

Supporting documents

File NameFile UploadedDescription
Faculty Support Document.pdf 23/02/2022 11:24:59Faculty Support Document
Scan_20220316.jpg 14/03/2022 17:00:02floor plan of projector location and screen
Revised cable run.jpg 06/05/2022 15:02:50Revised cable run
power.jpg 06/05/2022 15:02:59Power
Cable run for screen.jpg 06/05/2022 15:03:10Cable run for screen
New cable run from projector.jpg 06/05/2022 15:03:22New cable run from projector
22-0506 Responses from parish.pdf 06/05/2022 15:14:5922-0506 Responses from parish
20220914122233855.pdf 14/10/2022 16:37:36Revised cable layout with architects over written comments, is attached A H&S 2mm unobtrusive cable will be attached to the projector and pillar as a necessary safety feature, given the unknown piller contents/filler
Schedule of works or proposals.docx 18/01/2023 16:06:53Schedule of works or proposals