Application Ref: 2021-065621 Church: North Curry: St Peter & St Paul
Diocese: Bath & Wells Archdeaconry: Taunton
Status: Application Returned to Registrar Logged By:
Summary: Replacement of unsafe bell frame and bells

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Standard Information
Statement of Significance
Statement of Needs
Notification of Advice
Public Notice

Supporting documents

File NameFile UploadedDescription
John Hallett report (1).pdf 03/03/2022 22:45:24B&W DACR advisors report on the bell frame concluding that any repair would only be a short term fix and that replacement is the better option
Taylors Report on NC bells 2018 (1).docx 03/03/2022 22:48:28Selected Contractors Report on the state of the bells and frame . Frame needs replacement and bells are heavy ,not tuned with the possibly of cracking because of the old staples .
10079rss_01_V1 mann williams Nov 2019.pdf 03/03/2022 22:49:50Consulting engineers report on bell frame and movement
AD_15_10136_21012022_1556 (with AppendicesWard Cole Jan2022.pdf 03/03/2022 22:55:59Consulting engineers report on bell frame and movement and condition of supporting beams recommending that they all be replaced.
Emma Green Letter re bell Project Marc 2022.pdf 14/03/2022 17:20:11Church architects comments on the merit of the project
Statement of Need 14th March 2022.docx 14/03/2022 19:39:11Statement of need (following the care of churches model)
statement+of+significance+March 14th 2022.docx 14/03/2022 19:39:49Statement of significance
Scope of Works.docx 17/03/2022 16:23:45Scope of Works
North Curry Proposal + Ceiling-Floor Detail 11.05.22.pdf 17/05/2022 14:37:59North Curry Proposal + Ceiling-Floor Detail 11.05.22