Application Ref: 2021-063491 Church: Sparkbrook: St Agatha
Diocese: Birmingham Archdeaconry: Birmingham
Status: Public notice Logged By:
Summary: Install disabled-access WC and kitchenette

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Supporting documents

File NameFile UploadedDescription
1533-02 Entrance Plan As Existing.pdf 09/09/2021 15:27:59Entrance Plan as Existing
1533-03 N Porch Section Looking West As Existing.pdf 09/09/2021 15:28:20North porch section looking west as existing
1533-04 N Porch Section Looking North As Existing.pdf 09/09/2021 15:28:39North porch section looking north as existing
1533-05 N Porch Section Looking East As Existing.pdf 09/09/2021 15:28:53North porch section looking east as existing
1533-06 Entrance Plan As Proposed.pdf 09/09/2021 15:29:11Entrance Plan as Proposed
1533-07 N Porch Plan As Proposed.pdf 09/09/2021 15:29:26North Porch Plan as Proposed
1533-08 N Porch Section Looking West As Proposed.pdf 09/09/2021 15:29:45North Porch Section looking west as Proposed
1533-09 N Porch Section Looking North As Proposed.pdf 09/09/2021 15:29:55North Porch Section looking north as Proposed
1533-10 N Porch Section Looking East As Proposed.pdf 09/09/2021 15:30:12North Porch Section looking east as Proposed
1533-11 Proposed Accessible WC.pdf 09/09/2021 15:31:00Proposed Accessible WC
1533-12 Proposed Kitchenette.pdf 09/09/2021 15:31:15Proposed Kitchenette
1533-13 Proposed WC Door D8.pdf 09/09/2021 15:31:28Proposed WC Door
1533-14 N Porch Proposed Services.pdf 09/09/2021 15:31:45North Porch Proposed Services