Application Ref: 2021-061535 Church: Compton Dando: The Blessed Virgin Mary
Diocese: Bath & Wells Archdeaconry: Bath
Status: Public notice Logged By:
Summary: Restoration and Repair of the Bells

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Statement of Significance
Statement of Needs
Notification of Advice
Public Notice

Supporting documents

File NameFile UploadedDescription
Compton Dando, Formal Estimate,__ February 2020.doc 02/08/2021 10:58:53Estimate for the refurbishment of the Bells
M Higby St Mary's Bell Report & Estimate.jpg 02/08/2021 11:03:18Bell report
BWDACR Inspection report 20th May 2021.pdf 07/04/2022 16:36:25BWDACR Inspection Report 20th May 2021
Nicholson Eng Quote Bells.pdf 07/04/2022 16:41:21Nicholson Engineering Bridport Quotation 29th October2021
BWDACR Grant 1.pdf 07/04/2022 16:47:56BWDACR Grant Offer 20th November 2021
Sharpe Trust Bells 1.jpg 07/04/2022 16:50:22Sharpe Trust Grant Offer 5th March 2022
Compton Dando Tower Fabric Report for Feoffees 2022.doc 07/04/2022 16:55:07Compton Dando Tower Fabric Report for CD Feoffees 31/03/2022
Faculty Compton Dando The Blessed Virgin Mary (0601295).eml 24/05/2022 07:11:34Email from the Architect concerning the removal of the servery wall cupboards
Matthew Higby Estimate for St Mary's Bell Restoration.jpg 24/05/2022 07:13:34May 2022 specification of the work from Matthew Higby
IMG_4783.JPG 24/05/2022 12:30:45The Servery Cupboards that need to be moved
IMG_4787.JPG 24/05/2022 12:33:29The Bell Trapdoor in the ceiling of the servery