Application Ref: 2020-052163 Church: Nunney: All Saints
Diocese: Bath & Wells Archdeaconry: Wells
Status: Registrar to issue Faculty Logged By:
Summary: The addition of two bells to complete the peal of 8 bells, on an existing frame. This necessitates moving the clock mechanism within the ringing chamber, where it is located by a short distance.

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File NameFile UploadedDescription
Clock picture 1.png 07/06/2020 21:28:01The Clock on the tower of All Saints Church, Nunney. Mechanism in the ringing chamber
Clock picture 2.png 07/06/2020 21:28:18The Clock on the tower of All Saints Church, Nunney. Mechanism in the ringing chamber
All Saints Church, Nunney - statement of significance revised 2019 - Copy.docx 07/06/2020 21:32:26Statement of Significance
Paper 4 Bell+augmentation+appeal.pdf 07/06/2020 21:33:10Appeal leaflet for bells project - Statement of Need and background information.
Paper 5 28.02.19 revised clock moving cost.pdf 07/06/2020 21:33:54Quote for work in moving the clock mechanism
Paper 5A Method Statement - clock moving.pdf 07/06/2020 21:34:41 Method statement for moving the clock mechanism and adjusting
Paper 6 Method statement and estimate for alterations to bells - Matthew Higby.pdf 07/06/2020 21:35:41 Method statement for addition of two new bells and refurbishment of existing bells and frame. Quote for work.
Paper 7A 0161.04.P.001 Existing Clock Case-A3_rev -.pdf 07/06/2020 21:37:09 Architects drawing of current clock position and casing
Paper 7B B&B Clock casing in new position.pdf 07/06/2020 21:37:35 Architects drawing of proposed clock position and casing
Paper 10 20.03.19 BWDACS grant award.pdf 07/06/2020 21:40:23Grant confirmation from BWDACS 20.03.19
DAC application - covering letter.doc 12/06/2020 09:51:29DAC application - covering letter
Petition - bells 13-06-20.docx 13/06/2020 16:18:55Petition for bells project - Form 3England2020Report