Application Ref: 2020-051741 Church: Croydon: All Saints
Diocese: Ely Archdeaconry: Cambridge
Status: Application with Registrar Logged By:
Summary: Opening of the Chancel Vault

Below, please find a list of all publicly available documents.

Access to these documents will cease once the application has been determined by the Diocesan Chancellor.

Application details

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Notification of Advice
Public Notice

Supporting documents

File NameFile UploadedDescription
Spec-Urgent Repairs V7_MR,PM_Apr2020.docx 19/05/2020 12:56:43Specification for urgent repairs and opening of vault
May2020 OCaroe Grant Applications Support Letter 200501.pdf 19/05/2020 12:57:55QI Architect's letter of support
Chancel floor crack (1).JPG 19/05/2020 13:03:05Photo - chancel floor 1
Chancel floor cracks (2).JPG 19/05/2020 14:33:42Photo - chancel floor 2
Vault entrance.JPG 20/05/2020 09:51:12Vault Entrance
Crypt Trial holes(2).jpg 20/05/2020 09:51:32Crypt Trial holes
Crypt Trial holes(6).jpg 20/05/2020 09:51:39Crypt Trial holes
Crypt Trial holes.JPG 20/05/2020 09:51:47Crypt Trial holes
South chancel wall.JPG 20/05/2020 09:52:00South Cancel Wall